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Rules are hardly ever any fun, but they keep the site running smoothly so everyone can enjoy themselves. Before you join, it would be wise to look over every single thread so you are not disappointed after registering. But, if you decide to wait and read them afterward, that's up to you. This is where you can also find information about the warrior code, medicine cat herbs, clan rituals and much more to help members new or old to enhance their role-playing experience.

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Have an idea, but don't know where to put it? Have a complaint, but afraid no one will listen? Have a question you want to ask, but don't know where to ask it? Well, look no more, young member! Just post up your ideas in one of the threads. Please, do not make personal threads. This is a guest friendly board.

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This is where we store all of the threads that don't seem to be active. You might call it the 'Roleplaying Graveyard'. If your threads ends up here, just private message an admin to get it moved back.

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This is the board which contains all threads about and to do with the current site wide plot, check here to see what is currently happening and what has already happened in the sites current plot

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Here is where the High positions can find their high post counts, the SCR newsletter archive, make your own polls, show us pictures of you and your world or pets, even check our funny cbox thread of the great times in the SCR's chat box. Members can also find some of the sites games that all members play together in their spare time. You can post almost everything and anything here, as long as it is okay with the official rules.

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This site's sole purpose is for us to get to know the new members. So please, new members, introduce yourself.

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Leaving for a while? It would be great if you posted here so that we don't delete you. Don't even think about leaving permanently though, we will miss you.

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Here you can post anything creative like stories, poems, or drawings that you made.

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Character Information

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Oh, so you've finally decided to enter the world of Warriors! However, you of course need a character to begin that, don't you? Just take a look at the bio form and start on your cat. All accepted characters will be moved to a separate sub-board.

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Want a cat, but too lazy to make a bio? Have a cat and want to get rid of it, due to the need of kitty slots? Well, here you are! You can either find or get rid of any cats you please.

Sub-board: Old Staff Adoptionals

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Now, we all know that we tend to forget details about our characters. Here, you can create a file of some sort for your characters' data! Nifty, eh? Just make sure you only make one thread per user.

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Every cat needs a friend. Every cat also needs an enemy. This is where you can find anything you wish, such as a plot buddy or a mate. Just make sure you include a short introduction to your cat and include which Clan, if any, they belong to.

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ThunderClan Territory

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    ThunderClan Camp

ThunderClan's camp is a clearing hidden deep within the large deciduous forest that makes up their territory. It is incredibly difficult to find for it is secured by thorns and bushes on all sides, like a natural fortress wall. ThunderClanners are known for their ability to hunt well in deep undergrowth and brambles, which makes their wooded land the perfect place for them to live.

Clan Character: In peace, respectful of other Clans. In battle, fierce, courageous, and loyal. They believe in acting for what is right and are not afraid to challenge the warrior code. Some of the greatest warriors of all time call this camp home.

Prey: Mice, voles, squirrels, the occasional rabbit, and woodland birds such as starlings, magpies, wood pigeons and thrushes.

Hunting Skills: Excellent stalking techniques. They keep upwind of prey, creeping across the forest floor unseen and unheard, and launching powerful pounces from limited spaces.

For info about the past Clan high positions please check the Rulebook board for the thread.

Sub-board:     Dens

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    Frigid Stone

In the very center of the camp, where the sun shines most directly, there is a large white stone. When the light touches it just right the boulder begins to shine almost blindingly. This is where the ThunderClan leader, deputy, or medicine cat comes to make important announcements and hold the many ceremonies within the Clan, although the leader is mainly the one who does so.

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    Calm Creek

Flowing from the mountain waterfall the Calm Creek stretches throughout ThunderClan's territory, joining eventually with ShadowClan's Woodland Creek to flow into RiverClan. A well-worn path leaving camp divides near here, the right passage will take you to the Creek. WindClan's territory lies on the opposite side, so do not try to cross! Though ThunderClanners are not natural fishers there are many who try their luck, mostly resulting in embarrassing failures. But the gentle water supplies the Clan with fresh drinking water as well as other prey looking for refreshment such as water voles, wood pigeons, starlings, the occasional rabbit and squirrels. Herbs can be found growing here too, such as alder trees, coltsfoot, juniper and marigold. Beware poisonous hemlock!

This is the ThunderClan-WindClan border.

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    Sandy Hollow

The forest is enormous, with large trees of a great variety. A well-worn path from camp divides near here, take the left passage to reach the Sandy Hollow. This is a flat sandy area within the forest where warriors bring their apprentices to train in combat or other techniques. The woods surrounding the hollow are thick and filled with prey such as the occasional rabbit, mice, squirrels, starlings, magpies and thrushes, so hunting skills are often perfected here. ThunderClan Medicine Cats may discover borage, lavender, goldenrod and wild garlic patches nearby. Beware of beehives!

This is near the ThunderClan-SkyClan border.

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    Jumping Stones

In the ThunderClan forest there is a small clear spot where odd large stones with flat tops are located. Apprentices play on these stones, jumping from one to the next. They are spread apart in some places so you better practice before trying those spots! It is a good place to train, mice and water voles are also plentiful in this area. However, on the far side of the Jumping Stones is the border with ShadowClan's Woodland Creek, so don't explore too far! Burdock, yarrow, thyme and tansy grow here in abundance.

This is part of the ThunderClan-ShadowClan border.

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RiverClan Territory

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    RiverClan Camp

Right next to a fast-moving river is a marshy piece of land perfect for RiverClan. A small bramble barrier with a hole for an entrance is how you come in, unless you can swim really good, where you can just walk right in. Of course it is well guarded, so it won't be easy for trespassers to come. The clearing inside is sun baked with mud and sand, perfect for laying down and sharing tongues with Clanmates when there is no work to be done. The dens are green and leafy, with feathers, mosses and shells lining the nests. Sure you can come right over, that is, if you dare to swim against the current.

Clan Character: Beautiful, wise, and sometimes selfish. These cats have sleek fur from the fish they eat, making them shine in the sunlight and repel water. They live very long, well-fed lives and the Clan is filled with some of the greatest warriors of all time.

Prey: Mostly Fish (Including Trout, Shiner, Carp, Bass and Snapper), Voles, Mice, Shrews, Occasional Squirrels and Small Water Birds

Hunting Skills: RiverClan almost always hunt by water, since they do it better than any other Clan. They also swim swiftly and strongly, making them somewhat fast runners when they are on land. They prefer fish above all else, though there are some exceptions to this!

For info about the past Clan high positions please check the Rulebook board for the thread.

Sub-board:     Dens

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    Broken Stump

A willow stump rising out of the edge of the river into camp creates a perfect place to make announcements. Inside camp walls, it is a safe place with a clear view of the camp. It has a split down it, and it is rotting from the inside out, but leaders, deputies and medicine cats find this a good vantage point to hold Clan meetings from.

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    Fast-Moving River

Practically right next door to the Riverclan camp is a quick river, perfect for fishing. This swift water is not easily swimmable, unless you're a RiverClan cat. Here cats can catch fish such as trout, snapper, bass, carp and shiner; water voles are also available. Watermint, marigold and ragwort tend to grow here, but be on guard for deathberries and hemlock! On the sandy banks of the river, there are two pawprints. One from Fadingstar, and one from Weaselstar. They spent their last night there together, and the pawprints have yet to vanish. It seems they never will.

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    Dead Tree

Once you cross the fast moving river you come to the other side which is a more pasture-like area, as it leads to the small forest on RiverClan territory. Here there is a large tree that stands out in the forest. This dead-looking tree looks like something out of a horror movie. Its long, overgrown limbs stretch to the skies and crawl across the grass. It is a good place to train apprentices, or to go hunting for shrews, voles, mice or the occasional bird. Rushes, tansy, yarrow and snake-root grow here aplenty.

This is the RiverClan-WindClan border.

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Near ShadowClan, RiverClan has a large swamp making up most of their territory on the south side of their river. It is mostly made of murky water, with little patches of land, one of which is RiverClan's camp. It's a perfect place to hunt or train in damp conditions, and a little rain never hurt anyone! Water-birds such as newly hatched ducklings are a favourite find around here, along with plump water-voles. Clumps of mallow, horsetail and chervil tend to grow around here.

This is the RiverClan-ShadowClan border.

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ShadowClan Territory

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    ShadowClan Camp

Within the enormous pine forest that makes up the majority of the Clan’s territory, ShadowClan’s camp is located. It is very difficult to find unless you are searching extremely hard. It is a large, clear, almost circular area of grass and dirt surrounded by thick walls of bramble, thorns, and other large bushy plants to block others from seeing or getting inside. The only way into the camp is through a break in the bushes, covered in a lichen blanket. If an enemy does manage to find the way inside, there is always a warrior guarding the entrance. Also, the warriors’ den is nearby ready to attack the unlucky cat that enters.

Clan Character: Battle-hungry, aggressive, ambitious, and greedy for territory. It is said that the cold wind that blows across the ShadowClan territory chills their hearts and makes them suspicious and untrusting. ShadowClanners are always ready to fight, even if there is no need to do so.

Prey: Frogs, Lizards, Snakes, Small Birds, Mice, Vole, Squirrel, Crow-Food

Hunting Skills: ShadowClan cats hunt by night better than other Clan cats and are skilled at skulking unseen through the undergrowth. They are also the only clan who can hunt frogs, toads, lizards, and snakes well.

For info about the past Clan high positions please check the Rulebook board for the thread.

Sub-board:     Dens

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    Mossy Rock

In the very center of camp a large boulder, flat at the top, sits. This is where the Clan leader, deputy, and sometimes medicine cat will sit to make announcements, call meetings, and perform ceremonies. Also the inside has been hollowed out for the leader’s den. The top of the stone, where the announcer will sit, is covered in a cushion of soft moss. The sides have moss growing over top of it too which makes it easy for the leader to climb up.

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    Black Marsh

This is the perfect place to go and train your apprentice in combat for the ground is quite soft. The Black Marsh gets its name from the color of the ground, for the soil here is extremely dark, tainting the muddy water black. The marsh is located just outside of the trees that surround most of ShadowClan’s territory. Long reeds and small mud puddles also make up part of this area. Old fox sets are located around here so be careful if you happen to come upon them. Snakes also are popular here so watch for those as well as more edible lizards and frogs. This marks the border with RiverClan, for they too have parts of the marsh on their land. Mallow, horsetail, alder, parsley and marigold are easily found around here.

This is the ShadowClan-RiverClan border.

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    Woodland Creek

A beautiful spot located in the dark lands of ShadowClan. A gorgeous creek, which flows towards the border to separate ShadowClan from ThunderClan. On the ShadowClan side it’s shaded nicely by a forest of pine trees, which form a delightful canopy for the hot days. ShadowClanners can come here to relax after a hard day. They can lie under the cool trees or maybe ever take a stab at fishing. The ground here is not as moist as the marsh but it feels cool under paw since the sun can hardly penetrate through the dense blanket of pines. This soil is also good for growing chervil, feverfew, tansy and juniper berries, though be careful to watch out for english ivy!

This is the ShadowClan-ThunderClan border.

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    Maplewood Forest

A very small forest, the furthest territory from camp. It consists mainly of gorgeous maplewood trees with a mix of oak, aspen, willow, birch, and pine. In leaf-fall the leaves change into an array of wonderful reds and oranges. It is a good place to gather dried oak leaves, honey, lavender, burdock root and thyme. This is also the best spot in ShadowClan to come and hunt. Prey is plentiful here for nearly all seasons, with birds being the main source along with mice and squirrels. Even in leafbare patrols are guaranteed to find prey hiding out here. The tall trees are good for practicing climbing skills: many mentors bring their apprentices here for friendly climbing competitions.

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WindClan Territory

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    WindClan Camp

A vast land with rustling grasslands, broad hills, and amazing horizons, is the home WindClan has chosen. It's covered in a variety of different grasses, from tall cut grass to the low-growing heather. The rolling hills seem to go on endlessly, each of them a different sizes. More specifically, their camp is a deep gorge surrounded with the few rare trees growing in the moorlands, along with mighty boulders around the perimeter, making it extremely hard to attack. Most dens are made from large crevices in the gorge's limestone walls.

Clan Character: Fiercely loyal and incredibly tough, WindClanners are far more than just swift rabbit-eaters. They protect each other to the highest extent, and develop extremely strong bonds with their fellow Clanmates. Although they are sometimes viewed as the weakest of the Clans, this is most definitely far from the truth.

Prey: Rabbits, Hares, Squirrels, Mice, Voles, Birds

Hunting Skills: Fast, lean, and swift. Able to catch rabbits with ease.

For info about the past Clan high positions please check the Rulebook board for the thread.

Sub-board:     Dens

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    Eminent Crag

Jutting out from one of the high, rocky slopes on the far side of the gorge, this sharp jutting ledge is where the WindClan leader makes his or her announcements to the Clan, as well as preform ceremonies. Sometimes the deputy or medicine cat may call a meeting, but this is very rare.

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    Gray Moors

This is the largest part of WindClan's territory. Just like the old forest, they have a vast, open moor. Its mostly just hues of gray, and the occasional dark green bushes and trees. Rabbits and hares are plentiful here, and the occasional stray vole or mouse. This is a great place to hunt, and there are numerous rabbit holes to explore and trap them in! You may also find plants such as borage, chamomile, coltsfoot, goldenrod, thyme and the ever-present heather. The ThunderClan's Clam Creek runs on one edge of the moors, and marks the shared border. Voles, rush and ragwort can be found here aplenty, but beware of foxglove!

This is the WindClan-ThunderClan border.

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    Thin Forest

Despite WindClan's usual method of running to hunt, they have a thin strip of forest on the far edge of their land. It's full of vegetation, which makes nice hiding places. Broad, flat rocks here also make nice sunning-places! This is also a good place for certain herbs to grow such as comfrey, broom, yarrow and wild garlic. Take care not to cross into RiverClan's wider expanse of forest, and keep a careful eye out for sneaky and dangerous foxes!

This is the WindClan-RiverClan border.

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    Abandoned Silo

Near the edge of their land, there is an abandoned silo. It's a clear sign of farming in previous years, but there have been no Twolegs detected in the vicinity for a long time. Plenty of mice and hay though! The silo has a creepy feel to it, but when you're hungry, the only thing you feel is your stomach growling! Rose bushes also grow near by,and mark the closest border. Stinging nettle, juniper berries and dock may be located here. And sometimes, on very rare days, you may come across a lost sheep or two. Beware, as farm dogs may be hot on their heels!

This is part of the WindClan-SkyClan border.

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SkyClan Territory

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    SkyClan Camp

In the middle of this camp is the twisted tree. The camp is surrounded by hollow trees that provide good shelter for the cats. Each hollow tree is for a different rank. Running through the middle of camp runs a little stream and at the entrance a single rose bush is there blooming all year round. These cats guard the land well, with the thick undergrowth sheltering the camp it is hard to find when just glancing. You have to look hard to really find it.

Clan Character: They are usually peaceful, but are confident and bold in battle. Not one to want to fight right off the bat, when it comes down to it they can definitely hold their own. They are determined to give everything a try, whether a new hunting style or new land. Either way they are willing to do anything to strengthen their Clan.

Prey: Blue Jays, Blackbirds, Mice, Voles, Pigeons, Squirrels, Sparrows, Thrushes, Finches

Hunting Skills: Good at leaping high up into the tall trees and lunging from the limbs and pouncing. Can leap farther than most of the other Clans.

For info about the past Clan high positions please check the Rulebook board for the thread.

Sub-board:     Dens

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    Twisted Tree

A small twisted tree stands in the middle of the camp. Here, the leader calls for meetings that are most important to the Clan, such as making warriors and dealing with emergencies. Occasionally the deputy or medicine cat may hold meetings also, but not very often.

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    Rose Bushes

Here are the huge rose bushes, which bloom during new-leaf and greenleaf. Be careful around them though, you might prick yourself on a thorn. There are several gaps in the thorns and stems big enough for a cat to slip through where one could hide. Broom, parsley, feverfew and comfrey are often found among the thorns and flowers. Prey is plentiful here too, but be careful not to cross the border! The bushes grow near the Abandoned Silo, which is on WindClan land.

This is the SkyClan-WindClan border.

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    Oak Clearing

In the middle of the forest that marks the SkyClan-ThunderClan border, there is a clearing. The woods surrounding it are filled with prey, while the open space is perfect for training your apprentice. Special herbs such as dried oak leaves, honey, mallow, goldenrod, and snake root are found here.The oak trees stand tall and thick and only a SkyClan cat could hope to climb them in search of the squirrels and birds that call the high branches home.

This is near the SkyClan-ThunderClan border.

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    Rocky Caves

These caves are huge and lined with boulders, located near the mountains where the Tribe of Rushing Water used to make their home. It is by far not a place for kits or apprentices. Inside the caves a few pieces of gold glitter where the Twolegs hadn't mined. These vast caves stretch on and on leading into only StarClan knows where. Those who dare entering are risking their life with every pawstep. Stinging nettle, snake-root, dock and horsetail can be found growing out of crevices, while mice and shrews make burrows in the smallest caves. Beware of the beautiful yet deadly bleeding hearts that sometimes manage to grow among the rocks here.

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Sacred Land

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    The Moonpool

A tranquil pool, found only when the river is followed. A constant icy breeze blows through here causing the pool to constantly be a dancing form of ripples, reflecting the light from above which gives it a beautiful but eerie glow. Cats must lap the water from this sacred pool before they sleep to share dreams with their warrior ancestors. Medicine cats come every half moon for a gathering as well as naming their apprentices and gaining their own names. Leaders come for guidance while deputies must come here to be accepted and gain their nine lives.

Sub-board:     Completed Meddie Gatherings

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    The Gathering Place

Located on the corners of WindClan and SkyClan territory, the Gathering Place is where the Clans come to gather every full moon in peace. Trees and bushes surround the clearing on all sides and a very inclined hill is located in the front where the leaders stand to make their announcements. If StarClan becomes angry and the moon is covered as a sign, the gathering is instantly over.

Sub-board:     Completed Gatherings

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Outsider Land

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    Abandoned Mine

Within the enormous forest of the loner lands there is an old Twoleg mine that has been abandoned for many moons. The humans used to burrow tunnels deep within to search for jewels and gems of all varieties until they believed they have depleted the resource. However, within the many small caves in which only cats can fit, there are still gems covering the walls. This location is used most commonly for rogues and secret organizations, and grows more dangerous the farther you dwell within.

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    Twoleg Place

This includes Twoleg homes, the city, and other places where Twolegs' work and live. The general types of cats that live here are fat kittypets who are pampered by their Twolegs and the alley cats who fight for survival in the city. Various medicinal herbs grow here in Twolegplace, the main one being catmint/catnip; Clan cats sometimes come to Twolegplace to collect this herb in times of need.
But beware- not all kittypets are soft, pampered weaklings.

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